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Online and Printable Voter Guides for 2016 Primary Election

August 2nd Primary Election On-Line Voter Guide

Click here to access VOTE411, the League's on-line, non-partisan Voter Guide.
  • Type in your home (voting) address and click ENTER
  • Click the green GET PERSONALIZED INFORMATION button
  • Click the green SHOW MY RACES button
  • By clicking the white VIEW MY RACES, you will see a list of all the federal, state, county, local races and proposals on your ballot.

Click here for general information and instructions for voting in the Primary Election.

Printable Voter Guides for 2016 Primary Election

All of these Voter Guides can be found by accessing VOTE411.ORG but if you would like to view or print individual guides, click on the appropriate race below:

11th District - Includes Canton, Livonia, Plymouth, Northville
12th District - Includes Van Buren and Sumpter Townships, City of Belleville
13th District - Includes Wayne, Westland, Garden City, Redford, most of Detroit

10th District - Includes Redford Township
11th District - Includes Garden City, SE corner of Livonia, NE Westland
16th District - Includes most of Westland, Wayne
17th District- Includes Sumpter Township
19th District - Includes Livonia (except for SE corner)
20th District - Plymouth, Northville Township, part of Northville City, eastern part of Canton
21st District - Most of Canton, Van Buren Township, City of Belleville

Wayne County Clerk
Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney
Wayne County Sheriff
Wayne County Treasurer
Wayne County Register of Deeds

8th District - Redford Township, part of Livonia and Dearborn Heights
9th District - City and Township of Northville, most of Livonia
10th District - City and Township of Plymouth, Canton Township
11th District - City of Wayne, City of Belleville, south part of Westland, Sumpter, Van Buren and Huron Townships, Romulus
12th District - Cities of Garden City, most of Westland, Inkster


Canton Township
Northville Township
Plymouth Township
Redford Township
Redford Township Parks Commission
Sumpter Township
Van Buren Township

Wayne County (2)
City of Livonia(2)
City of Wayne

About League Voter Guides

The League of Women Voters provides non-partisan information about candidates and proposals. Each candidate is given an opportunity to respond to questions important to the office being sought.

Candidate responses are displayed as submitted by the candidates and have not been edited, except for necessary cutting when replies exceeded the stated word limit. If the candidate did not reply by the required date, the words, "Response Not Received" appear after the candidate's name.

The inclusion of these statements and opinions of candidates is solely in the interest of public service and in no way is to be construed as an endorsement by the League of Women Voters. The League takes no responsibility for the views or facts stated by the candidates.

About the League

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization established in 1920 to encourage citizen participation in government. It never supports or opposes any poltical party or candidate. Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to all citizens of voting age.